In Puerto Rico, the sale of Vape Cartridges and Cannabis products from other States has spread due to their low price. It is important to understand that in many occasions what you are buying and the product that they are selling and promoting is not what you think.

Recent black market studies have shown that replica packages of popular brands in California and Colorado can easily be purchased online. Creating a very dangerous market since it does not have the quality controls that each state requires to know what this medicine contains that you are consuming. This means that anyone can buy the packaging and put oils inside that have not undergone the proper quality processes to know what they contain. These products can cause fatal harm and harm your health instead of helping you. This is very worrying for our patients.

The best example of this is the Dank Vapes brand, King Vapes and FlavorX. These companies are known in the market for their low price and why they provide powerful cannabis oil. Each variety of these Vapes offers some flavors with chemical terpenes that for many taste better than traditional oil. There are an infinite number of cartridges from these companies on the black market in Puerto Rico and in other states where cannabis is still illegal. We found full gram vapes for $ 80 (average) in the San Juan area where the half gram at a dispensary is $ 60. The cheap is expensive this time and it is not only for your pocket but for your Health. The most incredible thing about this is that the packaging promotes that the product is free of pesticides and dangerous solvents,

For your Health you should always buy your Cannabis and manufactured products in a certified dispensary since the products are constantly evaluated to have the high quality that the Puerto Rico Law requires. Do not compromise your Health to save a couple of dollars. Here I leave you with my little notes of knowledge always online to inform and educate you.